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Personal and Professional Development


Career Pathways is a University-wide skills and attributes framework that can be used alongside Staff Review and Development (SRD or appraisal) to produce your Personal Development Plan (PDP). Your PDP details the training and development activities that will help you to carry out your current role and develop you in readiness for your next career role.

The Career Pathways Project has agreed the technical (functional) skills required for a range of grades within a job family (a grouping of similar jobs) and linked these skills with the Behavioural Attributes identified for staff.  A growing skills library will develop as skills are identified for more job families.

Benefits for the University

Career Pathways offers the University the potential to have the right people with the right skills to perform the work that needs doing both now and in the future.

Benefits for the individual

Career Pathways offers individuals the opportunity to be proactive about their career progression and plan training and development activities that will help them fulfill their future potential.