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University providers

As well as the conventional types of learning and development observing or job shadowing a colleague can also be a useful way to learn. You could also consider exploring secondment opportunities and job swaps with colleagues in other departments, faculties and institutions to give you the opportunity to learn new skills in a new environment.

More general training and development opportunities can be accessed via the following University providers:

  • The Language Centre provide opportunities for developing your language skills
  • Institute of Continuing Education offer public and professional studies programmes and summer schools covering a wide range of topics.
  • The Community Affairs team at the Office of External Affairs and Communications supports volunteering opportunities for University staff. Volunteering can be a really helpful way to develop new skills and attributes.

Search the University Training Booking System for learning options in the skills area you are interested in e.g. enter 'project management' in to the search box to view what is available across training providers.

External providers

The Association of University Administrators support administrators in the HE sector: a professional development scheme; an annual conference; specific training events and publications as well as provision of information networks through newsletters, e-bulletins and personal networking.

Netskills provides online and face-to-face training and development opportunities focused utilising new technologies for professionals in the HE sector.

Learning opportunities by skill area

This section will show you what training is avaialble to support each skill area.