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Job Opportunities

As with all secondments, administrative secondments are advertised on the Job Opportunities web pages, marked as 'Secondment opportunity, for internal applicants only'.

If a job opportunity is listed that may be suitable as a secondment but is not identified as one i.e. a post with a fixed term of up to 12 months, please contact the department advertising the opportunity direct to discuss whether  they would be willing to consider applicants on a secondment basis.

The Recruitment and Selection process for administrative secondments is very similar to that followed for a standard vacancy i.e. you will be expected to complete an application form and undertake an interview. See the University's Recruitment Guidance, section 3 for further information.

Join the secondment 'pool'

If you are actively seeking an administrative secondment or interested in finding out about administrative secondment opportunities as they arise, you can join the secondment 'pool'. The secondment 'pool' is comprised of administrative staff who have expressed an interest in finding out about secondment opportunities. PPD alerts the secondment 'pool' to new administrative secondment opportunities as they arise on the Job Opportunities page. To join the secondment 'pool' please contact Miranda Carr, PPD.

Generate your own secondment opportunity

If you have identified a specific department or project that you are interested in being seconded to, it is helpful to make direct contact with the department, or the individual with responsibility for the project, to discuss whether there may be opportunities to undertake a secondment either now or in the future.