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Personal and Professional Development


What is it?

Secondments are already used within the University. However, the University wishes to promote and expand the use of secondments as a 'development' activity for administrative staff, to help 'bridge' the gap to their next role, thereby supporting their professional development and career progression.

The Secondment Development Initiative has been established to support this activity by:

  • increasing the number of secondments available to administrative staff by encouraging departments to consider offering a temporary or fixed term administrative vacancy as a potential secondment opportunity
  • widening access to secondments for administrative staff by promoting secondment opportunities to a secondment 'pool'
  • encouraging departments to offer secondees the opportunity to proactively develop their skills and knowledge throughout the secondment period
  • providing individualised secondment-related support to administrative staff and departments
  • providing online guidance and templates to support administrative secondments to encourage and share best practice
  • increasing the skills, experience and mobility of administrative staff within the University through secondments or related activity
  • supporting workforce and succession planning activity

Who is it for?