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Personal and Professional Development


The University of Cambridge offers exciting opportunities for new and current members of staff to earn while they learn in a world-leading academic institution. The University is committed to nurturing talent and developing expertise through providing relevant vocational and professional apprenticeships across all of its departments and institutions. Apprentices of all ages can train alongside experienced staff, benefiting from tailored learning and developing their professional skills whilst helping to meet the current and future needs of the University.

Increasingly, apprenticeships are becoming a way for more people to achieve higher qualifications, gain valuable experience and earn a salary. At the same time, apprentices join an active learning community through their training providers where they work towards achieving a specific nationally-recognised qualification.

Apprenticeships offer the opportunity for departments or institutions to either upskill current experienced staff, or alternatively train newly employed staff, supporting their skills development whilst also supporting succession planning and strategic workforce planning.

Recent changes in government policy have opened up vocational and professional funding and broadened what can now form an apprenticeship. From May 2017, funding for apprenticeship training is available through an Apprenticeship Levy collected from organisations with a payroll of over £3m and charged at a rate of 0.5% of an employer’s pay bill.


  • Are genuine jobs with an accompanying skills development programme
  • Have flexible entry levels, with entry allowed at post-GCSE and A level up to Masters level
  • Last from one to four years, depending on the skills and levels required
  • Are available for anyone living in England, over-16 and not in full-time education
  • Are open to existing university employees looking to develop their existing qualifications, or making a change in their roles or careers
  • Exist in a huge range of professional areas

For initial enquiries please contact PPD for further information.