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Personal and Professional Development


Apprentices can provide a long-term strategy for ensuring continuity in the workforce. Apprentices can be recruited from school leavers or existing employees. There are risks and costs, but benefit can be realised even in the short term.

Here are some links which may be useful. The information is subject to change, so check back regularly for updates. The current information is primarily designed for three-year technical apprenticeships, and must be modified for other work areas and different levels of apprenticeship.

The contractual position for apprentices is slightly different from the usual assistant staff terms and conditions. Apprentices are employees: their contracts are very similar to the contracts of employment provided to assistant staff with some small variations including:

  • It is recognised that a central purpose of the contract is to provide training and a recognised qualification; it is not purely focused on work;
  • Apprentices do not receive automatic annual increments; pay increases are based on achievement against pre-defined college and workplace learning outcomes

Further Education Colleges

We have particularly strong links and an Account Manager at Cambridge Regional College. This is useful for advertising apprenticeships on the national website.

Departments have also had apprentices and other staff members studying at:

The online prospectuses will indicate current provision.