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Personal and Professional Development


CareerStart@ cam provides flexible support for staff who are new or fairly new to their first job. Often participants have recently left school or college and want to work towards a qualification that will help them in their role. CareerStart@ cam gives support for individuals at work through meetings with them and their line manager, and by arranging relevant vocational training through the Vocational Training Fund

  • Are you a member of assistant staff working for the University of Cambridge?
  • Are you new (or fairly new) in your role?
  • Is this your first job since leaving school or college?
  • Would you like to work towards a qualification that could help you in your job?
  • Would you welcome some additional support and training to develop your skills and experience?

If so, you may find CareerStart@ cam is right for you.

Why should I take part in CareerStart?

Information for managers and departments

What should I do next?

If you would like to know more please contact the CareerStart Coordinator for an informal discussion about the programme. We can then meet with you and your supervisor to confirm it's appropriate and discuss what training opportunities may be available to you. If you are eligible and decide to go ahead, we will agree a tailored programme of meetings and training with you and your supervisor or line-manager.