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Personal and Professional Development


Tailored provision

In addition to the ‘open’ programme of courses, Personal and Professional Development also works in conjunction with Schools, departments and faculties in response to specific needs.

Benefits of tailored provision include:

  • Training or development meets specific needs of School or department
  • If appropriate training can be delivered at a local venue
  • Colleagues from the same area can work together, building relationships within teams and increasing local networking opportunities
  • Where appropriate, local procedures can be developed and communicated as part of the training.

There may be a charge for bespoke provision, which will be discussed with you at an early stage.

Contact Personal and Professional Development on or your HR Business Manager or Advisor – we will be happy to discuss options for meeting the needs of participants - these may include face to face delivery and/or online learning support.  Face to face training may be delivered either by one of the PPD team or one of our external associate trainers depending on the topic(s) and time-frames.

Please read through the agreement document for guidance on what your your School, department or faculty may need to do to set-up bespoke provision.

You may find it helpful to consider the questions below and they will help us to respond to your request:

1. What is the driver for the development and how many people could it involve?

2. If it is to be delivered on-site, do you have a suitable venue?

3. What is your preferred time-frame for the development (it is important to give sufficient lead-in time for participants to be able to attend, see the agreement document for some guidance on this)?

4. Do you have budget available to support the development if this is required?


Working with research students

There are many ways that we can work with you to develop your skills.We offer 1:1 skills analysis sessions; the skills survey online; and focus groups. We aim to understand your requirements through focus groups and feedback on courses. We are always happy to receive and discuss ideas for new training. We are also able to advertise other events that you know about relating to skills development, e.g., organized by student societies. For more information contact RDP admin team.

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