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Personal and Professional Development


Practical Information

Apply for a University Card. This card is used to allow access to buildings and University Library borrowing.


Register with Cambridge University Library. To be admitted to the library you will need to make an appointment (enquire directly at the issue desk, phone (01223) 333000 or e-mail You will need to show a University of Cambridge Card or Personal ID and letter of appointment or simply a note from your Head of Department. More information on library induction sessions can be found here.

Computing: information and guidance on how to set up your computing facilities are available from the Computing Service

Set up your Cambridge email account.Should you have problems with your registration, please contact the Cambridge University Computing Service Help Desk directly.

Register with Raven and get a password. Raven is the University's central user authentication system for web-based resources - some web resources are only available to people with a Raven account. Apply here.

Get a Personal Workstation Facility password here. The Public Workstation Facility (PWF) is for the use of all staff and students of Cambridge University, and provides networked PCs and Apple Macintosh computers running a wide range of software, together with printers and scanners and a central filestore. You may also apply for a computer room password should you work in public rooms.

Sign the Roll of the Regent House. The Regent House is the governing body and principal electoral constituency of the University. Having your name included on the roll means you are entitled to participate in discussions at the Regent House and to vote on decisions affecting the way the University is run. You will need to go to the Reception at The Old Schools. Tell the receptionist you need to sign the book, and it will be brought over from the secretarial office for you to sign. (If you want to, you can have a quick look for e.g. Newton's signature.)


Buy a College Gown. You are expected to wear a gown when dining at Formal Hall in the evenings and when attending the meeting of the Governing Body. Gowns are also requested at festive dinners such as the commemoration of your college’s foundation. You are also obliged to wear a gown when invigilating an exam. Retailers can also advise you on which gown you are entitled to wear. Usually, a long-cut M.A. gown will suffice.

Buy a Cambridge Academic Diary: a very useful little companion throughout the year. This is a small pocket calendar/diary containing all the important dates of the Cambridge Academic Year. It is available each September in most bookshops in the city.

The University Map can be found here.You might also want to buy a Cambridge A-Z map which is available in any book or stationary shop in the city.

Faculty Facilities (photocopiers, faculty library and stationary etc) - make an appointment with your faculty secretary or administrator.

Contact PHEP!