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Personal and Professional Development


The time needed to complete an online or blended learning course will depend on the modules included, your learning patterns and in how much detail you carry out any activities that are indicated.

Online module

Each online module will have an estimate of the time needed to undertake it. This is just an estimate - everyone works at a different speed, and it assumes you are just going through the online material.


Many online modules include activities for you to carry out as you go through the material to try out new skills, to consolidate your learning and to reflect on progress. The activities may be short questions and answers or may require you to apply what you are learning to your current or future job. Whether you undertake all the activities and the depth to which you complete them will determine the length of time it takes you to complete the activities.

Webinar module

Some blended learning courses include a webinar - an online seminar run in real time. You will be able to interact with the presenter(s) and share information and experiences as well as ask questions. A place on a live webinar is booked like a face-to-face course but a recording will be available after the event should you wish to listen to it.

Face-to-face modules

Many online modules contain a link to enable you to book on a face-to-face workshop to support the online material. These workshops are an opportunity to put your learning into practice in a 'safe' environment, receive feedback from a tutor and meet other people who have been through the online material. Not everyone will want to attend a face-to-face session, however should you wish to, they have been designed to add value to and enhance your online learning.