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Personal and Professional Development


Resource bank

Once you have completed your online course you will be able to continue to access the materials. Over time, as you complete more online modules, this will build up into a valuable resource and document bank.


PPD is committed to ensuring that the training and development it delivers is appropriate, fit for purpose and meets the needs of individuals and departments. We carry out regular evaluation of our programmes.

Evaluation may be carried out in a variety of ways including: electronic survey - embedded in the online materials or sent post course; focus groups, or telephone survey. We rely on your feedback to inform our development priorities.

Ongoing support

Some of our courses are blended and consist of an online module and an optional face-to-face workshop. Attendance at the workshop, where provided, is highly recommended, this is where you can try out your new skills in a 'safe' environment, receive feedback from a subject expert and meet colleagues who are going through a similar process to the one you are following.

If you are unable to take advantage of this but need some help or support, please contact us.