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Personal and Professional Development


You may prefer to pay privately to work with an external mentor - the term ‘coach’ is normally used here. Coaching - personal and executive - has now grown exponentially, even in the last decade, with many testimonials to the success of the process.

You need to decide whether you want personal or executive coaching - the latter is usually very performance-based and focused on targets and productivity, and can be expensive. The former is more holistic and focused on different areas of personal development, which can include life and career coaching. Charges for this vary considerably.

One benefit of working with an external coach is that confidentiality is paramount, and they are completely outside your ‘circles’ (work or home), therefore it is sometimes much easier to talk things through with a trained and experienced ‘outsider’ who is acting purely in your best interests.

There are hundreds of coaching websites available, including some that try to help you choose. Try browsing to see what individual coaches offer, their experience, ways of working, and charges. A good starting point is the Coaching and Mentoring Network.