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Personal and Professional Development


Jessie Monck

Jessie works with colleagues in PPD, HR and University institutions to provide activities that support the development of employees' skills, attitudes and knowledge, particularly in the areas of management and leadership development. This includes development and delivery of a range of programmes for managers and others, both as part of the PPD programme of courses and bespoke support in departments. She also supports the development of flexible online and blended learning opportunities for employees.

Her role contributes to achieving the University's objectives for creating an inclusive, postive and thriving workplace by supporting established, new and aspiring managers to build skills in this area. Employees who are motivated and well managed are likely to perform better and have an increased sense of well-being, helping institutions to attract and retain the best staff. In addition, well suppoted managers themselves experience increased job satisfation, reduced stress and greater enjoyment of their management role. Jessie works closely with individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge in communication, individual and team management. This includes understanding that Staff Review and Development, and ongoing conversations, are essential tools in motivating and developing staff across all grades and disciplines, allowing opportunities for staff to grow in their role and beyond in the University.