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Personal and Professional Development


Find a quiet place

  • It is important to be able to concentrate and to be free from interruption by colleagues, phone, email and other disturbances. If possible find a quite area to work. Alternatively, consider asking a colleague to swap desks or take a laptop to an alternative location.  Another option is to use headphones.
  • If you don't have access to a computer at work there are a number of places you can access a computer, as a member of University staff/student.  E.g. the University Library, the University Computing Centre or use a Managed Cluster room. You could also check if there are any times when computers are not needed by other staff in your area e.g. during annual leave, meetings etc.


Be willing and able to commit the time

  • Treat online learning as seriously as you would treat going off to a face-to-face event. This means allocating a realistic amount of time to go through the materials and carry out any activities.  Keep to your allocated time and don't allow yourself to get diverted.  The time needed to access online material will depend on the modules you view, your learning patterns and in how much detail you carry out any included activities.
  • You may want to break your learning in to short sessions so that you can fully focus on the material.


Return to the material at future intervals

  • Refresh your knowledge by returning to the material.  To help you do this quickly, add the link in to your favourites/bookmarks on your web browser.


Pass it on

  • Consolidate your knowledge by discussing what you have learnt with colleagues and refer them to Learn online and PPD On Demand.


Put it in to practice

  • Apply new ideas and skills as soon as possible.  Draw up a Personal Development Plan which details any action you will take as a result of the learning, share this with your manager.


Attend a face to face workshop

  • Some courses are blended and consist of an online module and an optional face-to-face workshop. Attendance at the workshop, where provided, is highly recommended, this is where you can try out your new skills in a 'safe' environment, receive feedback from a subject expert and meet colleagues who are going through a similar process to the one you are following.
  • If you are unable to take advantage of this but need some help or support, please contact us.