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Personal and Professional Development


The Technician Development and Apprenticeship Project is helping to ensure that the University has the right technical staff with the right skills at the right time.  The University is committed to developing the skills and potential of its technicians throughout their careers.  It is also essential that the University retains the skills base and knowledge of its technicians into the future.  But as the graph below shows, the University has a very uneven distribution of technicians by age with more than half of major groups of technical staff aged 50 and over.  (The graph shows workshop, mechnical and electrical technicians, male and female, in 2015.)



There are two main tactics which will be used to address this.  Follow the links for more information.

  1. Workforce planning – taking early steps to identify important, continuing roles, which are hard to fill and likely to become vacant sooner rather than later
  2. Technician Apprenticeship recruitment – renewing the technical community with those at the start of their careers.  A package of material has been developed to assist in recruitment and training

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