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Personal and Professional Development


Undertaking a  job shadowing placement  can be a  very rewarding experience and can provide the shadowee  with a unique development opportunity (see Why Job Shadowing?). However, there are several things that need to be considered throughout the job shadowing placement to ensure it is a success.

When preparing for a placement it is important to:

•  Provide the host with an outline of what you are expecting from the shadowing.
•  Check if there are any special requirements for the placement, such as dress code.
•  Make sure you discuss any disability requirements with your host in advance of the placement, so that the host has enough time to put adjustments in place.
•  Consider what questions you may want to ask during the job shadowing placement. (See the useful questions to ask on a  placement document for some suggestions).


During a placement you should:

•  Take notes, you may come away with some useful thoughts and observations.
•  Show tact, discretion and maintain confidentiality at all times.
•  Ensure that you show good time keeping and inform your host if you are not available for any reason.


Once the job shadowing placement is complete  it  is important to :

•  Evaluate and reflect on the placement (see Reflection).
•  Provide your host with feedback on what you have observed.
•  Consider what you will do as a result of the shadowing experience, including how you will feed your learning back to your team.


Some of the content on these Job Shadowing pages has been reproduced with kind permission from Manchester Metropolitan University.