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Personal and Professional Development


What is Staff Review and Development and who is it for?

Staff Review and Development (SRD) is a University-wide framework for all employees to review their progress and agree a plan for future work and development in discussion with their manager or appropriate colleague. Its purpose is to enhance work effectiveness and facilitate career development.

SRD is for employees across all staff groups and grades in the University, including assistant, academic, research and academic-related staff. The University SRD Guidance provides overall information and there is flexibility for institutions to tailor the provision to best meet the needs of their employees. See Information and guidance in the side bar for further sources of information.

See the SRD information sheet for an overview of the intended outcomes, benefits and stages of the review process.

Training available for effective SRD:


Information and guidance

University SRD guidance (for all staff)

SRD information sheet (for all staff)

Career Management Review (for researchers)

Institutional SRD scheme

For guidance about your institutional SRD scheme speak to your Departmental Administrator or equivalent