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Personal and Professional Development


This grid shows which levels may be most appropriate to each grade. Download the relevant self-assessment template to review current behaviours and identify opportunities for development. These can be compiled and recorded in a Personal Development Plan.

This tool has been designed as a flexible resource and the positive indicators are intended for use as a guide. They are not exhaustive and not all indicators will be applicable to all roles within a grade.

Click on the relevant grade number to download the template.

Behavioural attribute levels for each grade:

Grade Communication Relationship building Valuing diversity Achieving results Strategic focus People development Negotiating and influencing Innovation and change
Grade 1 D D A D D D D D
Grade 2 D D A D D D D D
Grade 3 D D A D D D D D
Grade 4 C C A D D D D D
Grade 5 C C A C D C D C
Grade 6 C C A C C C C C
Grade 7 C B A B C C C C
Grade 8 B B A B B B C B
Grade 9 B B A B B B B B
Grade 10 B A A A B B B B
Grade 11 A A A A B B B A
Grade 12 A A A A A A A A



Behavioural Attribute Framework pdf.

See Learning opportunities for details of activities and support to meet development needs.