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Personal and Professional Development


The following programmes have been designed to help you develop key skills and knowledge to be effective in your role, and to offer the opportunity to network with others in similar roles from across the University. 

  • The Administrator Development Programme (ADP) and Strategic Development Programme (SDP) are designed for those in administrative roles.
  • For those staff who are in the target group for both programmes, the table below is to help compare the programmes and identify one that is priority for development for the next year.

PPD also offers a wide range of training and learning courses and resources.

Multi-day programmes:

  Administrator Development Programme Strategic Development Programme
Key themes
  • Input from and discussion with senior University leaders and administrators about current strategic issues for the University and the HE sector
  • Workshops on leadership, presentations skills and managing meetings
  • Group project assignment
  • Exploring leadership styles in relation to leading self and others
  • Strategic planning in the administrative context
  • Strategic engagement and leading change programmes
  • Individual project assignment
  • Inclusive leadership

6 days, October - May

7 days, February - September

Target group

Generalist and specialist administrators

(grade 7 - 9)

Senior generalist and specialist administrators

(grade 8 - 10)

Application process

ADP Application Form and eligibility criteria.

Applications will be reviewed and prioritised by School Secretary, Registrary, Head of Division and Head of Institution as appropriate. 


Nomination by School Secretary, Registrary, Head of Division and Head of Institution

Application timeframe

Easter term 

Easter term 
Places available

30 places - approx. 3 per School plus UAS and Non-School Institutions 

1 programme per year

18 places

1 programme per year

Format Scheduled sessions and self-directed learning

Scheduled sessions and self-directed learning

Delivery of a strategically focused individual project

Engagement with a mentoring programme to support participants with delivery of their project

More info

Administrator Development Programme brochure