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Personal and Professional Development


Secondments offer many benefits:

For the individual
  • Develop new skills, knowledge and experiences
  • Strengthen current skills by applying them in a new area
  • Develop a greater understanding of the University
  • Gain up to date knowledge of current working practices in other areas
  • Expand horizons to support career development
  • Establish networks with colleagues
  • Create a visible personal profile within the department, division or University and establish key contacts with senior managers and leaders
  • Achieve development objectives in a time-limited period
  • Increase opportunities for career development and progression
For the host department
  • Cost-effective acquisition of specific knowledge and skills to the department
  • Ability to cover a period of leave or to temporarily fill a role that is proving difficult to fill
  • Opportunity to undertake a particular project or task
  • Offer fresh thinking and new approaches to organisational problems or development
  • Develop links with other departments and institutions
For the home department
  • Retention of a valued and skilled member of the team
  • Application of the secondee's improved skills and knowledge to improve and enhance the skill sets of others
  • Exposure to new working practices and processes
  • Opportunities to develop networks and partnerships with other departments and institutions
For the University
  • Development of a more informed, skilled and flexible workforce
  • Retention of talented administrators and the skills, knowledge and experiences they possess
  • Enable improved knowledge sharing, communication and understanding between departments across the University
  • Improved process and service delivery derived from sharing and learning from departments and administrators with differing outlooks and perspectives
  • Enhanced employee morale, motivation and commitment
  • Promoting equality of opportunity for University staff