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Personal and Professional Development


Primarily, it is the responsibility of the shadowee to co-ordinate the job shadowing placement. However, in order for the placement to be fully successful, commitment will also be required from the host and the shadowee’s line manager.

Suggested process to set up and complete a job shadowing placement:


Individual expresses an interest in shadowing a particular role/within a specific department.

Initial discussion with line manager regarding aims/outcomes for job shadowing.  Line manager reviews and agrees as appropriate.  View the Pre-placement discussion document.

Individual contacts role holder(s) to request a job shadowing placement and arrange a date(s).

Individual informs line manager of suggested date(s).

If the dates fit with the needs of the department, the line manager approves dates.

Job shadowing takes place.

Individual reflects on the job shadowing placement with the host.  View the Reflection guidance web page.

Discussion with line manger regarding outcomes of job shadowing and next steps.  View the Post-placement review document.