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My role

I am responsible for managing the diverse catering activity that takes place at Madingley Hall and organising events and weddings.

What training have you undertaken with support from the University?

I am studying my third and final year of a part time Foundation Degree course in Hospitality Management at City College Norwich. This has been part funded by the Vocational Training Fund.

How has the training/support helped you in your role?

Madingley Hall has undergone a large change over recent years and the course has given me new knowledge and skills to enable me to implement these changes. It has broadened, challenged, and updated my current thoughts and practices. all of the teaching and  project assignment work was very relevant and  based around my workplace and I have implemented many of these ideas into practice.

What Paul's manager says

"This course has increased Paul's knowledge and his ability to manage a developing role. I would say it has given him a better understanding of the needs of customers and the management of all resources needed to provide a quality but cost effective service. In a changing environment, new initiatives, procedures and controls have had to be developed to move services forward to provide the customer service experience required by users of the facilities."

Ian Willis
General Manager, Madingley Hall.