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Personal and Professional Development


Strategy & direction


Definition of attribute


  • Creates and communicates vision
  • Develops strategies to achieve institutional goals within the governance structure
  • Identifies external threats and opportunities and adapts strategy to changing conditions
  • Sets clear objectives and establishes priorities


Integration of attribute into practice



  • Translates vision and strategy into organisational plans and objectives and aligns with work priorities to ensure successful delivery and implementation
  • Communicates the vision for maximum effort
  • Ensures the governance structure and processes are aligned to the strategy


  • Creates a clear, compelling vision of institutional excellence for the future, within the context of multiple future scenarios
  • Inspires others to deliver the vision and strategy and provides clarity on the relationship between institutional goals, structure and performance


Skills and tools


  • Strategic analysis tools and techniques
  • Strategic implementation process
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Internal and external marketing
  • Communication
  • Managing high performing teams