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It is likely that the vocational qualification you wish to undertake will be part of an Apprenticeship Standard at the appropriate level.  Before applying to the Vocational Training Budget, please check with your manager and/or PPD to identify if there is an appropriate apprenticeship that you could undertake.

For all those undertaking an apprenticeship, full funding for the agreed qualification is available via the Apprenticeship Levy.

If an apprenticeship is not suitable, there may be funding available from the Vocational Training Budget.

Vocational training budget

Interested in taking an external course to develop skills relevant to your role? 

Find out if you can get financial help with the cost through the Vocational Training Budget:

  • Is the course accredited?*
  • Does it lead to a qualification up to the revised NVQ Level 5 on the National Qualification Framework (NVQ5 is broadly equivalent to Higher National Certificate or Diploma)?
  • Is the qualification directly relevant to your role?
  • Is it supported by your department?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes then the Vocational Training Budget may be able to help.  Up to £800 towards the cost of the course may be available.

Funding is approved on an annual basis and is a maximum of £800 per person, per qualification level.  If the full cost of the course can't be met by the Vocational Training Budget, your department will be asked to pay the balance.

How to apply to the vocational training budget

If the course of study you wish to undertake is provided by the University Biomedical Services (UBS) e.g. their Institute of Animal Technology Level 2 and 3 courses, please contact them directly, as they have some vocational training funding available.  For all other applications:

  1. Contact your manager or departmental administrator to obtain their support.
  2. Complete the online application form (paper version also available from PPD).  December 2023 update: please note that we are experiencing some technical issues with the online form.  If you would like to apply for vocational training funding, please contact PPD directly via email.
  3. PPD will contact you with the decision about funding.

*Note that the Finance Training section within the Finance Division provides accredited vocational training including AAT qualifications.