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Personal and Professional Development


Job shadowing has many potential benefits for staff and departments within the University as well as for the individuals that are involved in the Job Shadowing experience:

Staff and departments

  • It is an opportunity for self-development of the shadowee and often the host.
  • It is an opportunity for hosts to share best practice.
  • It is an excellent networking tool and can facilitate the breaking down of internal barriers across the organisation.
  • It can help to improve communication across departments, faculties and sites.
  • It allows individuals to view the processes they are involved in from a different angle.


By engaging in job shadowing individuals will be able to:

  • Gain insight into the roles and responsibilities of other members of staff and other departments.
  • Reflect and learn from the experiences of colleagues.
  • See how other staff and teams work.
  • See the bigger picture and understand more about how the University functions.
  • “Test out” possible career options.


For the individual being shadowed there is an opportunity to:

  • Network with colleagues from different areas.
  • Share your experiences with others.
  • Learn from your shadowee.
  • Review and reflect on your own area of work .
  • Develop your coaching/mentoring skills.