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Personal and Professional Development


The line manager

  • As part of the SRD process individuals may discuss job shadowing as either a way of developing their current role or as part of their career development
  • The line manager will agree with them what this will look like and how much time can be allowed for this activity
  • The line manager may have a view as to who would be the best host for this job shadowing experience

The shadowee

  • A shadowee needs to consider why they are doing the shadowing and what they hope to achieve
  • They will need to do some preparation which will involve working with their line manager or the host prior to the shadowing to set objectives for the sessions
  • Following the shadowing it’s important to review and discuss outcomes and what happens next

The host

  • A host is the person who agrees to be shadowed
  • The role does involve some preparation and thought
  • A host needs to consider if the time requested is the best time for shadowing to take place and how long each period of shadowing should be for
  • They will also need to take into consideration current work obligations

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