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Personal and Professional Development


To access any of the following support options please contact Miranda Carr in PPD.

For individuals interested in hearing about secondments

PPD alerts the secondment mailing list to each new secondment opportunity for administrative staff advertised on the Job Opportunities page as they arise.

For individuals seeking a secondment

PPD can offer a one-to-one discussion with a member of our Learning and Development team. Topics for these meetings may include:

  • exploring how a secondment could benefit your professional development or career progression
  • going through the tools to support development processes
  • applying for a secondment
  • preparing for interview for a secondment

For individuals currently undertaking a secondment

PPD can offer support at different stages of a secondment to:

  • discuss how the secondee's development needs are to be/being met as a result of the secondment they are undertaking
  • evaluate the benefits of the secondment in relation to their professional and career development

This support of individuals can take the form of a one-to-one discussion with a PPD colleague or attendance at a review meeting with the 'secondee' and the 'host' department’s line manager.

For individuals and managers interested in secondments

PPD can provide information on:

  • the benefits of a secondment in meeting an individual’s career and professional development needs, specifically the potential to bridge identified gaps in skills, attributes and experience
  • support available to secondees from PPD, the 'host' and their 'home' department
  • support available to departments from PPD in establishing and managing a ‘development’ secondment
  • signposting to helpful tools and webpages, including tools to support development