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Personal and Professional Development


It is important to review the job shadowing placement in order to build upon the experience and to identify further development opportunities if necessary. As part of the Job Shadowing Process, the shadowee is encouraged to discuss the outcomes of the process with their line manager (see post-placement review guidance). In addition to this, the shadowee and the host may wish to discuss and reflect on the placement.

Questions for the shadowee to reflect on and record:

•  Was the role as  you expected it to be?
•  What did you gain personally from the experience?
•  How did you cope with the different working environment?

You may wish to use a learning log to help you to record your experiences.

Questions for the shadowee and host to consider and record:

•  What did you get from the experience of working with the host?
•  What concerns or questions have arisen as a result of the experience?
•  Did the experience answer what you were looking to answer?