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Personal and Professional Development


The following development programmes have been designed to support those in senior leadership roles in the University.



Senior leadership programme level 1

Senior leadership programme level 2

Senior leadership programme level 3
Key themes

Leadership in the context of the University

Leading and engaging others

Dealing with challenging people situations

Leading successful change

Head of Institution as leader

Leading strategy

Leading others through change

Leading one conversation at a time

An individualised programme designed to meet the specific requirements of each participant including:

- A diagnostic phase to identify leadership strengths and development areas

- Confidential coaching to facilitate professional development

- Peer learning groups providing the opportunity to explore and resolve individual issues collaboratively

- Impact Day to evaluate the impact of your learning from the programme and action plan for the future


4 half days
plus optional briefings

4 days
plus optional briefings

6 group sessions
plus 6 x 1:1s across 15 months

Target group

Those who are interested in progressing into a Head of Institution role

New and recently appointed Heads of Institutions, or equivalent

Experienced Heads of Institution, or equivalent

Selection process

Nomination by Head of School and/or School Secretary

Nomination by Head of School and/or School Secretary

Nomination by Head of School



28 April, 3 - 6pm

19 May, 9am - 2pm

4 June, 9am - 12.15pm

23 June, 2.45 - 5pm


3 November

8 December

2 February

10 March

All dates 9am - 3.30pm


Introductory Briefing, 13 May, 2 - 3pm

Two group sessions

Eight 1:1s

Three peer learning sessions 

More info




View the Leadership Attributes Framework, which identifies the key attributes required by senior leaders at Cambridge.  This underpins the three senior leader programmes above and can be used to help participants identify their strengths and areas for development.

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