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Personal and Professional Development


The University recognises, and we all know from our own professional experience, the critical role that leaders and managers play in ensuring a productive, tolerant and respectful working environment. The Leaders and Managers Network (LMN), supported by PPD, aims to support this role by providing opportunities to keep in touch, share best practice about how to support our teams and manage workloads, and learn from each other.

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Who the network is for:

  • All new and existing members of staff who have professional responsibility for other members of staff at the University, supporting their work, behaviour and development
  • This includes staff across all areas, disciplines, staff groups and levels of responsibility, including staff who are:
    • existing leaders and managers at all levels and across all areas
    • new to managing one or more others
    • new to leading a service or research area
    • new to Cambridge, either as a new manager or with previous experience
    • aspiring to a formal management position
    • responsible informally for supporting the work of others.

Features of the network:

Development of the network:

Whilst responding to the particular needs of this time, we are also looking towards:

  • identifying areas of special interest relating to the leadership and management role
  • an online area to bring together resources, opportunities and enhance opportunities to work together
  • building a community of leadership and management practice, aligning with strategic University goals and values

Please use the LMN ideas and comments form to contribute your thoughts about the network, suggest what you would like from it or ask a question.

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