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Personal and Professional Development


Decision making & delivering results


Definition of attribute


  • Understands what needs to be done to realise vision and displays drive to achieve outcomes through goal setting for continuous improvement
  • Understands how to introduce performance measurements which are aligned with strategic objectives
  • Takes calculated risks to achieve a successful outcome, effectively utilising financial and statistical data


Integration of attribute into practice



  • Agrees goals, targets and processes which will lead to improvement, to enable teams to deliver results; uses resources to achieve optimum results
  • Makes sound decisions based on complex data and encourages decision making in others at all levels
  • Understands the role of the key decision-makers and process within the University and how decisions are made and influenced


  • Builds a performance culture ensuring processes and systems are in place to support delivery of the strategy
  • Makes sound decisions based on complex data, effectively balancing innovation and risk
  • Encourages individuals and teams to have high expectations of themselves and others, by engaging fully with all internal and external stakeholders, by recognising potential and achievement and by encouraging appropriate exercise of judgement and responsibility


Skills and tools


  • Performance management
  • Managing uncertainty
  • Decision and problem solving theory, tools and models
  • Data analysis and application