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Personal and Professional Development


Creativity & innovation


Definition of attribute


  • Meets challenges with resourcefulness, generates suggestions for improving work and develops innovative approaches and ideas
  • Acts with imagination, displaying original thinking and creativity


Integration of attribute into practice



  • Encourages innovation and initiative by reducing barriers to performance and responding to, or adopting, beneficial innovations quickly, in order to enable maximum benefit to be derived from them
  • Encourages and rewards entrepreneurialism and new initiatives at all levels
  • Uses creativity to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances


  • Creates and sustains an environment that supports experimentation, values initiative and freedom of action, rewards professional judgement and risk-taking, reinforces curiosity and challenges the status quo by encouraging open-mindedness
  • Encourages new ideas from colleagues, fosters a positive attitude to new ways of solving problems and provides greater opportunities for entrepreneurialism


Skills and tools


  • Creativity tools and techniques
  • Managing risks and opportunities
  • Innovation management tools and techniques
  • Implementing innovation
  • Communication, persuasion and influencing
  • Developing an `innovation culture’
  • Entrepreneurial skills