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Personal and Professional Development

Departmental Administrators mentorship

For new Departmental Administrators 

The Academic Division allocates mentors sourced from experienced administrative colleagues (typically grade 6 and upwards).


The Academic Division

Administrative staff mentoring scheme/pilot

For administrative staff, grades 4 - 6

Mentorship and career development support.  Part of the HR Division’s ongoing work to support the University’s commitment to equality of opportunity and to a proactive and inclusive approach that supports all under-represented groups and values diversity.




CV mentoring scheme

For female academics applying for promotion (males not excluded)

Scheme to support Promotions process



For new staff

Key point of contact (‘buddy’).  



Supported by line managers

Postdoc Academy (PdA) mentoring scheme

For Postdocs

Formal matching to mentor drawn from outside core research area or outside academia.

Further details about the PdA mentoring scheme


Email PdA

Other mentoring schemes for Postdocs/PhDs

For Postdocs and PhDs

Wide range of academic, peer to peer and post doc mentorship programmes at departmental level eg Chemistry Postgraduate support web page


Email OPdA

Researcher Development Programme (RDP)

For Postdoc researchers and research staff

University-wide opportunities and programmes for postdocs to get involved in coaching and mentoring.

Coaching and mentoring course details


Email RDP

Reverse mentoring scheme

For staff from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds paired with senior colleagues

Dual purpose of career support for mentees and increased awareness for mentors regarding BME issues (to support Race Equality Charter).


Equality and Diversity

School of Clinical Medicine

For independently funded mid-career researchers and clinical lecturers

Online matching scheme


Email Nakita Gilbert, School of Clinical Medicine


Senior leadership mentoring

For senior leaders i.e. Heads of Institution, Heads of School, Pro-Vice Chancellors

PPD Senior Leadership Programmes overview





Springboard: a women’s development programme

For University staff, College staff and PhD students

Peer-to-peer coaching trios model used during the Springboard programme




Strategic development programme (SDP)

For senior administrators from across the University, grades 8-10 (nominated) 

Each participant is provided with a mentor. 

SDP Programme information




University Information Services (UIS) mentorship scheme

For any IT related and affiliated staff, any UIS staff (including non-IT)

Mentoring scheme across UIS and the IT community.


Email Rinku Raina, Professional Development Manager, UIS


Self-match mentoring scheme

For professional services staff

During the pilot there are limited places available, which will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

OurCambridge self match mentoring scheme


Email Freya Villis, Senior Programme Co-ordinator, Ourcambridge