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Personal and Professional Development


Financial acumen


Definition of attribute


  • Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of the application of financial, accounting, and economic concepts to the budgeting and resource allocation process of the University
  • Makes well-informed and timely financial decisions with an understanding of their consequences and impact on the University


Integration of attribute into practice



  • Seeks financial and economic data to set performance goals which further the strategy of the University
  • Understands how to use resource allocation to meet strategic goals
  • Applies appropriate financial tools to make decisions and solve problems


  • Understands both the financial challenges and opportunities for the University
  • Has an understanding of the economic forces that affect University activities
  • Has a well-developed sense of financial issues and how they affect strategy, institutional plans and stakeholders


Skills and tools


  • Financial Analysis for Business Performance and Financial Strategies
  • Resource Allocation Models
  • Regulatory environment, annual reports, disclosures
  • Framework for financial statement analysis, value-based management
  • Capital budgeting and techniques for valuation