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Personal and Professional Development




Definition of attribute


  • Driven to achieve results through personal diligence and loyalty
  • Adopts a positive and optimistic outlook and is proactive
  • Understands and works with University governance, cultures and values: appreciates the importance of collegial ways of working


Integration of attribute into practice



  • Fosters cohesiveness and develops loyalty of others
  • Uses communication to motivate and encourage commitment in others and celebrates success
  • Personally shows belief in the ability of the institution to succeed and develops optimism and enthusiasm in others
  • Operates within the context of the University governance structure and respects its culture and values
  • Displays ability to put aside individual agendas for the benefit of the institution


  • Fosters a culture of openness, honesty, fairness and integrity where motivation and achievement are rewarded and there are high levels of confidence in the capacity of the institution to succeed


Skills and tools


  • Human Resource Management core skills
  • Persuasion, influencing & negotiation
  • Self-development