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Personal and Professional Development




Definition of attribute


  • Expresses facts and ideas in a clear and concise manner using a variety of styles to clearly convey ideas and information of differing complexity, taking into account the diverse needs and interests of different audiences


Integration of attribute into practice



  • Makes a lasting impression with diverse audiences through clear, relevant and passionate communication, tailored to the audience and to the situation as appropriate
  • Applies a range of methods to command attention and interest
  • Is able to make complex ideas simple and takes others’ perspectives into account in negotiating or presenting arguments


  • Communicates strategically to achieve specific institutional objectives, with the ability to unite diverse people or groups around a common goal
  • Encourages others to value outstanding communication


Skills and tools


  • Verbal and written communication
  • Persuasion, influencing, negotiating skills
  • Political awareness - adapting communication for the political climate
  • Listening
  • Networking skills