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Personal and Professional Development


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, check yourself against this list:

  • Are you interested in helping others to succeed - even if they may surpass you in achievement?
  • Are you reliable, honest, and trustworthy to keep things confidential?
  • Are you capable of active listening - not interrupting, picking up important cues from what someone says, able to reflect back the relevant issues and check understanding, minimising assumptions and prejudices?
  • Are you empathetic - can you convey understanding of their experience without saying ‘yes me too’ and launching into anecdotes of your own?
  • Are you able to question someone sensitively but empoweringly to help them explore their own issues?
  • Can you pass on your knowledge and expertise clearly, encouragingly and helpfully?

If you think mentoring is for you then visit the mentoring schemes web page, which includes details of the ourcambridge self-match mentoring scheme, to find a scheme that you would like to get involved in. Or, use your own social and professional networks to broadcast your intention to act as a mentor. 

The Mentoring Guide offers tips, techniques and in-depth guidance on how to be an effective mentor.