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Personal and Professional Development


Develop people & mentorship


Definition of attribute


  • Supports and facilitates the development of self and others to help each individual reach his/her full potential
  • Gives and receives constructive feedback for improved personal and institutional performance


Integration of attribute into practice



  • Takes personal responsibility for supporting and developing others by acting as coach or mentor (informal or formal)
  • Identifies future key capabilities required by the institution and takes responsibility for ensuring development is in place to meet these needs
  • Applies the University’s Staff Review and Development process to determine the development needs of individuals
  • Encourages development activity within the capability and competency areas that will meet the current and future requirements of the University


  • Builds and encourages a culture of learning through multiple activities, evaluation and feedback at individual, team and institutional level for continual development of the institution
  • Implements strategies and processes to promote and support continual learning
  • Creates an environment of coaching and mentoring and ensures opportunities are available and supported for mentoring to take place


Skills and tools


  • Understanding personal development & learning (individual, team and organisation)
  • Coaching skills
  • Managing performance
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Listening & questioning
  • Communication skills